Twitter Suspends Second Amendment Foundation Before Gun Rights Policy Conference


The founder of The Second Amendment Foundation expressed his disbelief over this most recent and seemingly targeted Twitter ban.

“We’re shocked. In all our years on Twitter, our account has never been suspended and we have no idea what we allegedly did to bring this about,” said Alan Gottlieb to Truth About Guns, “It’s interesting that it’s happened right before the Gun Rights Policy Conference this weekend.”

Twitter has been known to make silent judgment calls on groups that advocate the second amendment such as the banning of the SAF. In cases such like these the suspensions appear to be malicious in nature, or designated to in some way effect the visibility of upcoming events or other important information for those who follow second amendment rights violators and activists alike.

In the case of the Twitter ban of The SAF, the ban seems to be surrounding the upcoming Gun Rights Political Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Through September 22, Second Amendment advocates and members of the SAF gathered to plan pro-gun rights strategies for the year 2020.

Timing of the Twitter ban of the SAF is only one in a long line of bans that seems to have strategic roots in deplatforming or suppressing based on the political allegiances of the owners of companies such as Twitter.

The SAF’s GRPC announcement highlights the importance of this years conference considering the political climate around gun control.

The announcement states, “With guns and the Second Amendment in the political crosshairs this year, and promising to be a major issue in the 2020 national and state elections, the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms have seen huge interest in this year’s 34thannual Gun Rights Policy Conference the weekend of Sept. 20-22 in Phoenix, Ariz.”