Twitter Users Mad After Nurse Suggests Diet, Exercise, Jesus Over Drugs, Alcohol to Relieve Stress, Anxiety


A nurse’s TikTok video came under fire by social media users for advising viewers that diet and exercise was a better way to tackle stress/anxiety over drugs and alcohol.

The video in question was posted as a comment to a disgruntled Twitter account’s tweet blasting the nurse’s advice for STD prevention: waiting until marriage, saying “The best way to prevent STDs is waiting for sex until marriage. Just the truth,” as she dances.

The tweet, which was also posted by another registered nurse, read “So tired of nurses acting a fool on their large platforms. Promoting irresponsible and biased rhetoric regarding public health in an effort to go viral is so low and so so dangerous. Abstinence teaching does not equate to safe sex. So here’s my response”

The tweet went viral and attracted plenty of comments.

One such comment drew attention to her biases, saying “She’s so biased and unprofessional. I Can’t believe she is giving this kind of advice. Doesnt help with the mental illness stigma AT ALL.”

Others targeted her Christian beliefs and their application to nursing.

In the video relating to stress and anxiety, Nurse Holly recommends water over alcohol, plenty of sleep over late night partying, and exercise over drugs with plenty of Jesus.

In spite of the negativity spouted at Nurse Holly, there were comments deriding the accounts upset at her advice.

According to Business Insider, the video prompting the viral tweet has now been deleted.

Holly Grace, who goes by the name “Nurse Holly,” has an immensely popular TikTok account, amassing around 1.7m followers.