Two Infamous Pedophile Inmates Found Dead on Same Day


Two pedophiles, one in California and another in the United Kingdom, were found dead in their cells on the same day.

A 58-year-old former brain surgeon and leader of a sickening pedophile ring was found dead in his cell Santa Cruz County Jail, California, at 5.45 am on Sunday.

On the same day, a notorious British pedophile who masqueraded as a philanthropist in Malaysia in order to gain access to hundreds of economically disadvantaged preteens, was found murdered at the high-security Full Sutton Prison in North Yorkshire following an attack with a makeshift knife.

The former brain surgeon, James Kohut, was found alone in his cell on Sunday morning by officers at breakfast time.

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In an early investigation conducted by pathologists, the cause of death appears to be suicide, according to The Daily Mail.

Of course, an autopsy and further investigations will be required to pinpoint the exact cause of death.

Kohut was working at the Dominican hospital in Santa Cruz when he was arrested in 2017, accused of running a sex ring along with two nurses.

Prosecutors said that Kohut managed to prey on children for around two decades before he was finally brought to justice.

Kohut had started what was called a ‘taboo family’ with the two nurses, where all members of the family would be sexually active with one another.

Kohut is believed to have fathered–and was sexually involved with–children he had with both nurses, involved in the sex ring.

All three adults filmed the sexual abuse they carried out on their own children.

Across the pond, one of Britain’s most notorious pedophiles was found dead at a North Yorkshire high security prison.

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Richard Huckle, 33, was serving 22 concurrent life sentences for sexually abusing 22 children in Malaysia and up to 200 children elsewhere.

Huckle was found dead on his cell on Sunday, where he was stabbed to death with a makeshift knife.

The pedophile was convicted in June 2016 of sexually abusing an infant as young as six-months-old to children as young as 12 over an eight-year period between 2006-2014.

Huckle pleaded guilty to 71 offenses involving 22 children, but it is thought that he had abused several more children around South-East Asia where he gained local trust under the guise of a photographer, English teacher, and philanthropist.

For each abuse, Huckle would grade himself on a scorecard according to the depravity of the abuse.

He would film himself carrying out these unspeakable acts of abuse and upload them to the dark web through a website called The Love Zone, which had about 9,000 members before being shut down.