Two National Guard Soldiers Had Glass Baked Into Pizza During Washington, D.C. Deployment


Two South Carolina National Guard soldiers on recent deployment in Washington, D.C. to maintain order during the George Floyd riots were reportedly served a pizza with shards of glass baked into the dough and cheese, something which may have proven deadly under other circumstances.

The pair had been staying at a the Marriott Marquis Hotel in DC when they ordered the pizza from a nearby restaurant via Uber Eats, according to South Carolina newspaper The Post and Courier.

The two men realized that there was glass in the pizza and did not eat any of the pizza or suffer injuries.

Capt. Jessica Donnelly, a spokesperson for the South Carolina National Guard, said that “The command says that the soldiers are OK, and that this was the only incident to their knowledge.”

The spokesperson advised the two guardsmen to lodge a police report following the potentially life-threatening incident. However, local police claimed that no similar report was recorded.

However, reports indicate that Department of Defense personnel have received an increase in threats following the death of Floyd in police custody:

Department of Defense personnel have seen an increase in threats, according to the report, but it went on to state that there have been no specific threats made by protesters against soldiers.

The soldiers’ names were not mentioned in the Department of Defense report or named by S.C. National Guard officials.

Despite ample criticism from various pundits, some members of law enforcement, including the National Guard, were seen throwing their support behind the Black Lives Matter through various PR stunts caught on film.

In Los Angeles, the National Guard was filmed bending the knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in a move that was pilloried by social media.

A Pennsylvania police chief lay down face first on the ground with his hands symbolically tied behind his back in an effort to appease a crowd of protesters–some of whom had personally messaged him in an effort to address police brutality in America.