UK: Angry Mob Forces Police to Release Detained Immigrants from Van


A mob of angry leftist protestors in Scotland forced police to release two men suspected of entering the country illegally from a police van on Thursday.

Police turned up to Glasgow’s Kenmure St on early Thursday morning, and attempted to remove two Indian men who are suspected of being illegal immigrants from the country, with the police putting the man inside a van ready to take them off. However, leftists soon quickly realised the situation that was unfolding, with messages put across social media, encouraging them to turn up and create a mob to stop the police van from taking off with the immigrants inside.

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After hours of protestors surrounding the police van, including one man who stayed under the van the entire time, the mob won out, and the immigrants were released. In a statement, Police Scotland’s Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland released a statement, claiming that the men were released “in order to protect the safety, public health and well-being of all people involved in the detention and subsequent protest in Kenmure Street.”

The members of the mob who clashed with police also got off totally scot free, with the protestor who stayed under the van for over 9 hours, clad in antifa clothing, having his charges dropped after a “negotiation” with the police.

Unsurprisingly, the mob received praise, not condemnation from the mass media, with ITV’s Robert Peston describing their actions and “popular protest,” and with anger focused on the men enforcing the policy instead. “The Home Office needs to ask itself hard questions after today,” Sturgeon said on Twitter. “Doing this on Eid, in the heart of our Muslim community, and in the midst of a serious Covid outbreak was staggeringly irresponsible – but the even deeper problem is an appalling asylum and immigration policy,” she continued.

“To force people from their homes on the first day of Eid, with neighbours and families trying to honour the religious celebration in peace, shows – at best – a serious lack of cultural sensitivity and awareness on the Home Office’s part,” Wafa Shaheen, of the Scottish Refugee Council, told the Guardian. “Regardless of the immigration status of those targeted today, this heavy-handed approach from the Home Office is unnecessary and avoidable,” adding that “the hundreds of people on the streets this morning in solidarity with those affected shows people in Scotland are sick of these raids and have had enough.”

However, it seems that the racism and pre-judgement may have come from the protestors and Sturgeon themselves. Andy Ngo, the journalist, noted that the men were taking to a Mosque following their release from the van, but claimed that the men involved weren’t even Muslim. Other news outlets, including the Evening Standard, also backed up Ngo’s claim regarding the identity of the men.

The protest echoes the case of Somalian gang rapist Yaqub Ahmed, whose deportation was stopped in November 2018 by white leftists, after they mutinied on the Turkish Airways flight they were all on, demanding he be let off the plane. Video footage shows Ahmed being set free to applause from passengers. “You’re free man!” one passenger was heard telling him on the video, as he was frog-marched away by Home Office officials.

Ahmed’s victim told the Daily Mail, who was raped by Ahmed and a gang of Somalis when she was just 16, that if those who stopped his deportation thought his fake screaming was bad, they should “try hearing the screams that [she] made” when he raped her. She said that she now feels “hopeless” after her rapist skipped his deportation, and that her nightmare is never going to end.