UK: Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes to Receive Harsher Sentences Than Burglaries


From January 1st, next year, anti-LGBT–or, anti-Gay and anti-Trans–hate crimes will carry a prison sentence steeper than burglary.

The decision comes after it was revealed that there has been a 37 percent spike in anti-Trans hate crimes since 2017, according to The Daily Mail.

New sentencing guidelines suggest harder sentences for transphobic or homophobic hate crimes, and incitement or fomenting hate against members of the LGBT community could be punishable by a six-month jail term.

Given a recent spike in intolerance against certain minority groups, judges have been ordered to maximize punishments against offenders.

The Sentencing Council advised to hand harsher sentences for crimes of this nature–which carry heavier sentences than burglaries.

Various stories from the UK highlight the double standard when it comes to sentencing individuals on certain crimes. For example, sex crimes committed by minority groups, in some instances, having been handed a slap on the wrist whereas making politically incorrect remarks or actions can warrant a full jail term.

The Daily Mail found that, for the first time ever, over 100,000 hate crimes were reported in a year–breaking all previous records.

Today, a member of the British police posted a tweet containing a video celebrating ‘International Pronouns Day’ (10/16/2019).

The tweeter was pilloried by a wide range of social media users amusingly outraged by the communication.

Earlier this year, a Catholic mother-of-five was arrested by UK police for maliciously misgendering somebody on social media.

Burglaries are often handed community orders instead of jail terms.

A hate crime from a position of authority, depending on the severity and persistence of the offense, can carry a sentence of three years–and even up to six year in the very worst cases.

The Sentencing Council stated that, ‘the guideline is not politically influenced or motivated’.