UK Child Becomes First 3-Year-Old Transgendered Child


Boy, who identified as a girl from the age of three, was granted his wish to transition with help from controversial charity, Mermaids.

The recent uptick in referrals to the Tavistock NHS clinic–which specializes in underage transgender patients–has been subject of much criticism and praise on social media.

Most concerns involve the ability of the child to make life-altering choices when their brains and endocrine systems are still underdeveloped.

Further, other questions revolving around the legitimacy of the child’s views or the expression of their authentic being as being their own–and not of their parent(s)/guardian(s)–add an ethical dimension to the debate.

Many UK schools have experimented with gender theory in practice; including the addition of gender neutral toilets and dress codes, under the guise of ‘inclusivity.’

Drag kids are a recent inauthentic phenomenon peddled by the mainstream press and the entertainment industry. Some have thought of the trend as a means to slowly normalize the sexualization of children.

The child, 7, who now goes by the name ‘Luna’ began to identify as a girl around the age of three.

At birthday parties and Christmas, when asked what he wanted, he’d often answer that he wished to be a girl.

His request was granted.

His mother, Jeneen Schofield, 37, supported the early gender transition.

NHS worker, Schofield, claims that Luna would reject activities associated with boyhood and preferred to play with dolls instead.

The Mirror reports:

Jeneen adds: “Before then she’d worn princess dresses to the local shop with me, or at home. On her fifth birthday she spent the day at Disneyland Paris in a dress. She couldn’t have been happier.

“At the top of every Christmas and birthday wishlist was to be a girl. It was hard to accept what I was seeing.”

Luna had only been at school a few weeks when Jeneen asked to speak to her teacher.

She explains: “It was World Book Day. I explained Luna wanted to go as Alice in Wonderland and I asked if she thought there might be more to this. The teacher agreed, saying she noticed Luna always being the mum or sister when kids played dressing-up.

“Suddenly I was so scared about how it might cause problems for her. I sat in my car and cried my heart out. I didn’t really know what trans meant. For weeks I was petrified Luna would have a loveless life full of people hating her.”

Schofield had taken Luna to a Mermaids’ stall at Liverpool Pride in 2016.

Luna, now 8, began socially transitioning at the age of five–where the child would live as a girl.

Single mother, Schofield, also took Luna to meet with a family who had a transgender child who was a little older than Luna.

The Tavistock NHS clinic saw 2,590 patients last year and are currently dealing with a two-year backlog which given rise to a demand for minors suffering with gender dysphoria to arrange Skype meetings with medical specialists.