UK: Conservatives Win HUGE Majority in Election


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has led the Conservatives to a huge majority of 80 seats in the general election, winning working class areas who voted for Brexit.

After all the results were called in the election, the Conservatives were left with 365 seats, giving them a stomping majority of 80, above and beyond the expectations of the polls, pundits, and the public, who were expecting either a small majority of 20 to 30 seats, or another hung Parliament. The results make this the worst election for the Labour Party since 1935, as they only managed to pick up 203 seats, down 59 from the last election. The leader of the Liberal Democrats, a “centrist” party that pushed a pro-Remain agenda, lost her seat to the Scottish National Party.

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Mr Johnson called the election in late October. The Conservatives were gifted a hung Parliament, where no party has overall control, from Theresa May, his successor, in the 2017 election. When he took over the leadership of the party and the mantel of Prime Minister, he promised that Britain would leave the EU by October 31st, and implement what the people voted for in the 2016 referendum. However, Parliament refused to pass his new withdrawal deal by then, and demanded to tack on arrangements that would make it unpalatable to any Brexit voter.

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The Conservatives therefore ran the election on the promise of getting Brexit done, turning the election into a proxy second referendum on Brexit. Corbyn’s socialist Labour party tried to balance the line of Remain and Leave, but ultimately to no success at all. The voters, especially those in working class constituencies in the North and Midlands of England and Wales, the heartlands of the Labour party, rejected their hardcore left-wing agenda, and for the first time in their history, backed the Conservatives at a general election. Most of these areas voted for Brexit, and continued the trend of breaking tribal loyalty that started in 2016.

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The incredible success of the Conservatives in this election means there is now practically nothing that can stop Brexit from happening, save a freak intervention in the courts from Remain activists, determined to fight to the last breath to stop the biggest democratic mandate in British history from going through. They can also now get on with fixing the economy, implement an Australian-style points-based immigration system and introduce tougher policing to tackle the scourge of violent crime on Britain’s streets.