UK: Controversial Sex-ed Website Teaches Teens About ‘C**k and Ball’ Torture


WARNING: This article contains graphic information National File is choosing to report to expose the questionable use of public funds in United Kingdom schools.

A controversial council sex education website is currently down and under review following a tremendous backlash after it contained a ‘sextionary’ teaching teenagers about fisting, bukkakes, c*ck & ball torture, anal sex, and felching.

The very same Warwickshire Council had come under fire shortly prior to this backlash for teaching children as young as four about masturbation in their curriculum.

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241 schools were going to trial the new curriculum exposing young children to sexual themes at an early age.

As previously reported by National File:

The initial 20-page pamphlet, which teaches young children to familiarize themselves with their bodies in an arguably sexual fashion, was met with anger from parents stating that their children were being sexualized and the content taught should’ve been a topic unmasked by parents–not their schools–when they deemed their own children ready to learn something more explicitly adult.

The explicit information was located on the ‘Respect Yourself’ website which was affiliated to the UK-based Warwickshire Council.

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The council website had come under fire for telling a twelve-year-old girl it was ‘perfectly natural’ to ‘spend half the night’ masturbating and surfing for porn, according to Metro.

The website was initially intended for 13-to-25-year-olds.

One of the ‘niche’ sexual themes tackled by the website was the question, “does anal sex make you pregnant.”

Following the backlash from the revelation of the site’s lewd ‘sextionary,’ the site is currently under review and the content is unavailable to users.

Some of the concerns surrounding the explicit nature of the sexual acts potentially normalized by the website are safety fears for young girls experimenting with their sexuality in an environment where taboo sexual acts are increasingly destigmatized.

According to Metro:

In a joint statement, the groups said: ‘In failing to condemn the use of pornography the Respect Yourself guidance is effectively sacrificing the best interests of women and girls in order to seem ‘sex positive.’

‘The poorly reasoned approach of Respect Yourself will undoubtedly prevent many adolescents in Warwickshire from enjoying healthy, mutually enjoyable sexual relationships in adulthood.

’They are urging parents to continue signing their petition until Warwickshire Council address their concerns.

A spokesperson for the local authority told ‘The Council carefully considers all comments raised about our services.

‘We have decided to review the content of a few of our pages which have raised a small number of concerns.’

Early this year, it was reported that a 16-year-old girl has to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life after emulating rough group anal sex she saw in pornographic films.