UK: Domestic Abuse by Women Increases by 300% in a Decade


Reported cases of domestic abuse committed by women has tripled in a decade making women account for a third of UK domestic abuse cases, according to police statistics.

Attacks by women on family members increased by more than 300% from 27,762 in 2009 to 92,409 in 2018.

The percentage of total domestic abuse cases committed by women also leaped from 19% in 2009 to 28% in 2018

A ninth of all incidents or over 10,000 cases were recorded in West Yorkshire, The Sunday Telegraph discovered.

According to The Daily Mail, police are called out to over 2,000–or, an average of 2,043–domestic abuse cases across the UK every single day.

Figures revealed there were 746,219 offences in the year to last March, compared to 599,549 in 2018–a 25% increase on the previous year, reported The Sun.

Experts and pundits have drawn concerns to possible domestic abuse cases committed against men due to cultural fears and preconceptions about the “gendered” nature of domestic abuse.

Calan, a Welsh-based domestic abuse service, warned last year that men might feel apprehensive to come forward.

The service’s project manager, Michael Dix-Williams, said to the BBC,  “There’s very much a belief that domestic abuse only happens to women, and that prevents men coming forward.

Williams added, “It feeds into this fear they’re not going to be believed.”

A spokesperson for another charity said: “We’re seeking more men to come forward all the time to get help.  But far too many stay silent. We need to do more because there is help out there.”

Domestic abuse accounts for 14% of crimes dealt with by police in the UK.