UK: Female Defense Ministry Staff Shuns Gender Neutral Toilets For Being ‘Too Smelly’


The cash-strapped United Kingdom Ministry of Defense recently splashed out $20,000 on gender neutral toilets, which female staff refuse to use on the grounds of their being “too smelly.”

13 single-sex toilets were transformed into gender neutral at the Ministry of Defense in Whitehall, London.

According to The Mirror, male and female signs were replaced with the word “toilet.”

Despite the hefty price tag for the upgrade, only the signs were replaced and sanitary towel dispensers and bins were installed.

A female civil servant at the Ministry of Defense told The Mirror: “I don’t go anywhere near the new gender-neutral loos as they’re too smelly.

“None of my female colleagues feel comfortable using them,” she continued.

“There was nothing wrong with the old toilets. Not one person ever complained. I don’t want to hear a man going to the toilet and I don’t want to make eye contact with him after I have been there.”

The also cast down on whether those who must function under the policy agree with it.

“I doubt very much you could find a single person in the MoD who feels this policy is sensible. Everyone knows how strapped for cash the department is. Creating gender-neutral toilets is just daft.”

Colonel Richard Kemp, former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, said: “It’s shocking that the Army is being dragged into political correctness.

“Given how stretched and how busy our forces are, it is surprising someone has time to worry about this sort of thing.”

The army has been under fire for reducing physical requirements to be more accommodating to egalitarian ideals.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance said that “Creating gender-neutral toilets no one wants to use is flushing public money down the drain.”

“Instead of frittering away cash for right-on nonsense, officials should focus on putting every penny into frontline services,” they added.

A Ministry of Defense spokesperson said: “Like several other government departments, we offer gender neutral facilities as part of our modern and inclusive working environment.”

Gender neutral toilets have been unveiled in schools across the UK to similar effect.

Girls are even refusing to go to school entirely because they feel uncomfortable with using the school’s restroom facilities, and, in some cases, report bullying.

National File reports:

In the case of mixed sex toilets, which have been introduced under the pretenses of reducing bullying and promoting inclusion; some girls feel as if they’ve been robbed of their privacy.

Some girls report experiencing ‘period shaming’ from boys while forced to share a bathroom.

Muslim girls claim to feel uncomfortable when adjusting their hijabs around boys.

Female pupils have avoided drinking water while at school due to the new mixed sex bathroom arrangement.

According to the University of Warwick, around 40% of female students have reported being victims of sexual harassment at school in England and Wales.