UK Hospital to Deny Healthcare to Racists, Sexists


Bristol Southmead Hospital says it could withdraw treatment from those who make racist or sexist remarks to their staff.

North Bristol Trust (NBT) launched its Red Card to Racism campaign after staff complained about an upsurge in abuse from patients and visitors on hospital grounds.

Racist or sexist language, gestures, or behavior has been included within the definition of this form of abuse.

The scheme promises a similar style of disciplinary action to soccer or rugby where individuals will be penalized with yellow cards–denoting a warning–and a red card for a second offense which would warrant expulsion from the hospital.

The BBC questioned consultant gastroenterologist, Dr Talal Valliani, who said he was subjected to racial abuse on hospital grounds:

He said it was made in front of other people who “took immediate action by calling the security team up to the ward”.

“The police then informed the offender of the policy, and the patient was given the red card,” he said.

“We of course made sure he was clinically safe, patient safety is paramount, and once I established that, he was removed from the ward.”

Dr Valliani stressed that the patient was “clinically safe” before he was removed from the hospital for their behavior.

According to The BBC, local police have also confirmed a rise in complaints logged by hospital staff concerning racist or sexist abuse.

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The move to adopt a zero tolerance stance when it came to the abuse of staff was praised by a wide range of campaigners.