UK KFC Branch Turns Women’s Restroom into Unisex, Men’s Unchanged


According to a report on Twitter, a KFC branch changed their women’s restroom into unisex, while leaving the male restroom unchanged.

The tweeter describes the change as follows: “A branch of KFC has converted it’s toilets. Previously it had a toilet for men and a toilet for women. It’s kept the men’s toilet as men-only, but now the women’s toilet is also for men.”

While the original tweeter fails to divulge their location, another prominent social media user reveals that the branch is based in Stoke which is in the Midlands, according to his tweet.

Social media users didn’t take too kindly to the revelation, claiming that women would be hit by the decision.

“How the hell is this considered progressive?” inquired one tweeter.

One user commented, “But of course its women who have to suck it up and lose rights and spaces whilst at the same time extending males.”

Another voiced his concern, “f**king hell, lots of kids go into KFC and the parents may not realise!!! This is a clear nightmare safeguarding risk. Have @KFC lost their minds? I bet that little ‘opportunity’ is being passed between paedophiles.”

“So this is the “equality” we’ve all been fighting for? Silly me, thinking it was about removing male privilege, when all along we should have been giving them more!” exclaimed another user–indicating outrage transcending political differences.

In spite of a polarized debate, most top comments regurgitated talking points of those opposed to the trans bathroom debate which caught headlines and rustled up a social media storm a few years ago.

The UK appears to be ahead of the curve for introducing gender neutral toilets. 

Many schools across the country have made their toilets gender neutral without consulting students or parents, and have led to negative consequences including truancy as girl’s privacy has been sacrificed in favor of inclusivity.