UK: Mother Spared Jail for Misgendering Trans Woman, Ordered To Pay £1,000 Fine


A mother was spared jail for maliciously misgendering a trans woman, after being accused of knowing full well that the online “assault” could trigger anxiety.

The mother was also accused of referring to the trans woman as a “pig in a wig” along with other insults in a lengthy exchange involving more than one sock account.

Police arrested defendant Kate Scottow, 39, at her Hertfordshire home in front of her children.

She was found guilty of using a “public communications network to cause annoyance, inconvenience, and anxiety to her target,” according to Metro.

While Scottow was not present at the verdict, many of her supporters championing freedom of speech were present to celebrate the outcome.

This is not, however, the first time a British member of the public has landed in trouble over misgendering remarks on social media.

In March last year, a journalist was investigated by the police for misgendering a trans woman on social media.

National File, earlier today, reported on “homophobia” becoming criminalized in Switzerland, carrying a three-year prison sentence and heavy fines.

Stephanie Hayden, who had made the complaint about Scottow, said that her online tormentor was a troll who had repeatedly addressed her as “he” or “him,” disregarding the victim’s preferred pronouns.

Hayden said, “This is the problem with these people. It’s just done to annoy people like me.

“It’s calculated to violate my dignity as a woman. It’s just harassment.”

In a series of posts, spanning over a significant length of time, and with the use of more than one social media account, Scottow was able to continue misgendering Hayden as well as referring to her as a “racist.”

At one point, a short-lived “compromise agreement” was reached, but quickly breached when Scottow resumed trolling Hayden.

In court, Scottow was accused of harassing other transgender individuals on social media.

After finding Scottow guilty, judge Dodd said, “You felt able to make personal and offensive comments about her.

“It was abuse for the sake of it. Your comments contributed nothing to a debate.

“We teach children to be kind to each other and not to call each other names in the playground.”

Despite avoiding a jail sentence, Scottow was ordered to pay £1000 in costs as well as observe a two-year conditional discharge.

At present, it is understood that Scottow will consider an appeal.