UK: National Health Service Urged to Prescribe Masturbation for Stress Relief


The NHS has been urged to prescribe masturbation as a means to relieve stress for some patients, it has been revealed.

Sex toy company, LELO UK wrote an open letter suggesting the UK socialized medicine, National Health Service, to begin prescribing masturbation in order to combat stress, as part of a broader wellness program.

According to The Mirror, masturbation has been prescribed to patients for an array of ailments relating to ‘hysteria’ in the 70s, including: anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, loss of sexual appetite, and shortness of breath.

Via The Mirror:

Kate Moyle, a sex therapist at LELO UK, said: “The function of pleasure is to make us feel good; and self-pleasure and masturbation can have positive benefits for our health in a variety of ways, including the release of the hormone oxytocin which can lower cortisol levels, getting to know our bodies better, and building sexual self-confidence.

“Potentially recommended as a part of an integrated wellness programme, masturbation could be of benefit to some patients, when put forward with confidence and educative information.”

The letter comes shortly after a LELO UK survey revealed that 78% of Brits say orgasms make them happier, whether they have them alone or with a partner.

Some studies have revealed the potentially beneficial side effects from masturbation, stemming from a release in dopamine, such as reduced stress, improved sleep.

In spite of the side effects, counter movements opposed to the normalization of masturbation have arisen; perhaps, most famously, materializing as the increasingly popular “No Nut November.”

Conversely, memes ridiculing porn addiction in the form of the “Coomer” has made the round; caricaturing those who masturbate excessively with a man whose dopamine receptors are burnt out, bloodshot eyes, an unnaturally white smile, and Popeye-esque enlarged forearm.