UK Politician: Teachers Who Lecture Students About ‘White Privilege’ Should Be Investigated By Counter Extremism Police


Jonathan Gullis, Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent North in the United Kingdom, suggested last week at the Conservative Party Conference that teachers who talk about “white privilege” should be investigated by the UK’s counter-extremist Prevent program.

Speaking at an event organized by the Conservative Friends of Education during Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Gullis said that the term “white privilege” was an “extremist” one, and that it should be “reported to Prevent,” the UK government’s counter-extremism program. After adding that it was “racist to actually suggest everyone who’s white somehow is riddled with privilege,” he suggested that any teacher who perpetuated the term in the classroom “ultimately should face a disciplinary hearing at the very least.”

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A former teacher himself, the Conservative MP attacked teachers who wanted to impart any of their political ideology onto their students, be it leftist ideas of white privilege, or anything else, saying that anyone who does so should be sacked. (READ MORE: UK Conservative Minister Defends Aggressive Online Safety Bill To Fight ‘Misinformation’, Claims It’s Actually Pro Free Speech)

“The other way we can stop the cancel culture is by actually saying to the woke left lecturers and the woke left teachers – who seem to be becoming more and more apparent – is that ultimately, what’s going to happen if you are going to push your ideology in the classroom there are going to be consequences for you,” he added.

Gullis also stood up against rampant transgender ideology, which seems to becoming more frequently seen within education, both in the UK and across the West. In a conversation about “preferred pronouns,” he said that he had “no issue calling someone ‘they’ or ‘them’ or ‘it’ or whatever they want to be called,” but that ultimately the language shouldn’t be changed by force, and neither should children be told they’re “transphobic” for using the terms he or she.

Since his election in 2019, Gullis has shown himself to be at the forefront of combating extreme left-wing ideology, railing against “cultural Marxist dogma” in a letter co-signed with other MPs, and slamming the replacement of the terms “mother” and “father” as being “wokery gone mad.”

Gullis also stood firm against teaching unions that doom-mongered about the return of children to classrooms earlier this year, saying that they must stop “issuing blood-curdling warnings” about the coronavirus pandemic.