UK: Rape Victim Told by Publisher Attacks Weren’t ‘Racist’ Because She is White


An author who published a book on Grooming Gangs in the UK was told that she shouldn’t use the word “racist” to describe the assaults because she was white.

The author, Kate Elysia, was a victim of one of many Grooming Gangs–a euphemism to describe rape gangs of men from mostly Pakistani origin who would systematically ply their underage victims from disaffected backgrounds with drugs and alcohol before raping, prostituting, physically assaulting, and sometimes killing them–scandals to rock the UK.

In a tweet Elysia announced, “When I wrote my book on #GroomingGangs this is the email I got back from the Publishers telling me I couldn’t use the word #Racism to describe what happened to me.”

The publisher told Elysia, who had suffered from psychological problems and drug abuse following the sustained assaults, to make a few amendments to her manuscript.

The publisher explained, “A few times [redacted] describes the outlook/actions of her abusers as ‘racist’. There’s quite a lot of discussion at the moment about whether or not white people can be victims of racism, the argument being that racism is a social issue based on the systemic oppression of a race, tied up in social and economic issues, so facing discrimination for being white isn’t the same as facing racism.”

Following the spiel, the publisher continued, “I think these statements would detract from what she’s saying, so it would be best to reword them.”

In her reply, Elysia underscored that her abusers hated her culture and pointed out that there was a word for hating women, but “there is no word for hating a race because apparently the word isn’t ‘racism’ as this means something else?”

Elysia, clearly frustrated at the insensitive, politically-strewn request of her publisher, demanded to know what the horrific sexual attacks she sustained, on the basis of her being white, should be called.

In spite of her “everyone should be treated equally” philosophy, she was treated differently for being white.

She went on to recall:

They hated me for cultural and socioeconomic reasons that I could do nothing about.

They raped me until I did not feel white anymore. I didn’t want to be white anymore. I don’t fit in or belong with my own race or social class anymore.

If we can’t call it racism then we should invent a new word for race-based and cultural hatred.

Elysia later added excerpts of her unedited manuscript to describe the abuse she experienced.

The Grooming Gang scandals are believed to have affected tens of thousands of predominantly white British girls over several decades.

In the past year, up to 19,000 girls were potentially affected, according to an article by The Independent.

Across many of the scandals, girls were failed by their authorities who were married to a politically-correct ideology which prompted them to, in some cases, cover up the mass-scale rape of underage girls for decades.

Tragically, the colossal level of systematic and systemic abuse saw young girls die from suicide, drug overdoses, and murder directly relating to the abuse they had mercilessly suffered.