UKRAINE: African Students Host BLM Protest, Council Minister Asks for Names to Deport Them


A Ukrainian City Council Member has asked for the names of five African students who were hosting a Black Lives Matter protest–in order to deport them following the incident.

On June 11, five students held a protest against racism in Ternopil in concert with the wave of massive Black Lives Matter protests taking the Western world by storm following the in-custody killing of suspected fraudster George Floyd.

According to 112UA, Volodymyr Bobko, a deputy of the Ternopil Regional Council (representing the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”), talked about deporting the students on a Facebook post.

He wrote: “They either incite unrest to take goods out of local stores during the riots, as it is currently in the United States, or act on instructions from abroad and involve our country in an international scandal.”

Bobko reportedly believes that the students were attempting to incite protests parallel to the scenes emanating from the U.S., and the UK–with protests devolving into riots and wanton destruction.

In his post, he appealed to the Ukrainian Secret Service to identify and deport the students for the protests.

“I demand that the police and the Security Service of Ukraine identify all persons involved in the action and deport them outside Ukraine. To hand over a package of crackers and a yellow vest to everyone for the road. To remember,” he continued.

Social media was largely supportive of the calls to deport the protesters. However, the sentiment was not echoed by all.

“A black friend of mine in Hungary was hassled by police every time he went out. He told me this after we went downtown together. He warned me it would happen. We were interrogated ten feet from the train exit. Blacks are indeed discriminated against in many “white” countries,” one person wrote.

To which another, disgruntled with the recent protests in the UK, replied: “But they are not discriminated against here in the UK. They have more rights than me, yet they smashed up London assaulted our police and vandalized our monuments–what more do they want? They’ve divided my country.”

The actions of Eastern and Central European countries has gained ample support among populists of various stripes for their resistance to globalism and devil-may-care attitude toward political correctness.