‘Uncle Clarence’ Trends on Twitter as Pro-Abortion Leftists Launch Race Attacks on Supreme Court Justice


Last Updated on June 27, 2022

“Uncle Clarence” trended on Twitter over the weekend as pro-abortion leftists set upon conservative Supreme Court Justices in the wake of the Roe reversal, with particular fury and racial abuse directed at Justice Clarence Thomas, a black man.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas became the target of death threats and racial attacks from pro-abortion leftists following the Supreme Court’s historic decision on Friday to overturn the 1972 Roe v. Wade ruling, handing jurisdiction over abortion back to the states. Though Twitter routinely censors conservatives and accuses them of violent hate speech, the big tech platform appeared to directly aid the pro-abortion left in their racial attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, listing the phrase “Uncle Clarence,” a play on the slur Uncle Tom, among its trending topics.



Actor Samuel L. Jackson, a frequent proponent of far-left causes, has been lauded by the corporate media over an “Uncle Clarence” tweet of his own, which helped push the slur into Twitter’s top trends. In the Tweet, Jackson attacked Justice Thomas for being married to a white woman, comparing the reversal of Roe to the banning of interracial marriage. That talking point has been picked up throughout the media and pro-abortion left in the aftermath of Jackson’s tweet, with Whoopie Goldberg parroting the sentiment in a televised rant against Thomas on Monday’s episode of the “The View.”

As “Uncle Clarence” trended among Twitter’s top subjects of discussion, some pro-abortion users of the platform took things even further, calling Justice Thomas a “n*gger” and threatening his life, claiming that Thomas represents a “national security threat and should be treated as such.”

In addition to far-left Twitter users, mainstream Democrats have zeroed in on Justice Thomas in the aftermath of the Roe reversal and other recent Supreme Court rulings, calling for his impeachment and removal from the bench. In large part, left-wing attacks on Justice Thomas have been ongoing since his nomination to the court in 1991, when then-Delaware Senator Joe Biden led what Thomas dubbed at the time a “high-tech lynching” in an attempt to obstruct his Senate Confirmation Hearing.

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