United Kingdom: Public Schools Teach Middle Schoolers Mouth to Bum Play


A United Kingdom council has produced sex ed material that will teach teenagers about the sexual act of “felching.”

WARNING: This article contains graphic information National File is choosing to report to expose the questionable use of public funds in United Kingdom schools.

Yet another bizarre story to emerge from the UK involving its hypersexualized curriculum.

Earlier this week, National File reported on a teaching pamphlet from Warwickshire County Council which taught children as young as four about masturbation.

241 schools will trial Warwickshire County Council’s pamphlet.

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Now, the same council has produced sex ed material directed at teenagers, teaching them about a specifically lewd sexual act: felching.

Felching is a rather taboo act where an individual places their mouth on an orifice–vagina or anus–which has freshly received male ejaculation(s); the individual then proceeds to suck out the semen from that orifice.

The description is a part of the ‘sextionary’ (a portmanteau for sex and dictionary) on the ‘Respect Yourself’ website, which is a part of the increasingly controversial Warwickshire County Council.

On felching, the Respect Yourself website describes the act as:

During sex, after a guy has ejaculated inside his partner leaving his semen inside them… either in their vagina or anus… felching is when you tidy up by licking and sucking your fluids back out of your partner…

Sounds a bit icky and disgusting but then sex generally is…!

The initial 20-page pamphlet, which teaches young children to familiarize themselves with their bodies in an arguably sexual fashion, was met with anger from parents stating that their children were being sexualized and the content taught should’ve been a topic unmasked by parents–not their schools–when they deemed their own children ready to learn something more explicitly adult.

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Social media users expressed their frustration at what they viewed as a gross misuse of tax revenue.

The bulk of the uproar was launched at the fact a fringe–and, not to mention, unsanitary–sexual act was being normalized for teenagers on the taxpayer’s dime.

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