Universal Employee FIRED After Making ‘White Supremacist’ OK Hand Symbol


An unnamed Universal employee was fired after a photo revealed an OK Hand Symbol which has been linked to ‘white supremacy’ by the mainstream media and ‘Civil Rights’ groups such as the ADL.

In a photo containing a character from Despicable Me, the employee was seen flashing the symbol while posing with a six-year-old mixed-race girl with autism.

The girl’s parents, Tiffeney and Richard Zinger, reportedly expressed their horror after viewing the photo a few months after their holiday.

According to The Independent:

In a photo taken at a character-themed breakfast at the Universal-owned Loews Royal Pacific Resort, an employee dressed as the Despicable Me character Gru can be seen making an upside-down “OK” symbol with his hand on the shoulder of the Zingers’ daughter. The symbol is widely recognised as a hate symbol, relating to white supremacy.

“It’s more than the ‘OK’ sign,” Mr Zinger told USA Today. “A lot of people don’t understand what that sign means.”

The incident occurred on March 23, week after a shooter in New Zealand made the gesture during a court appearance after killing 51 people in two mosques, sparking a more widespread knowledge of the gesture as a symbol of hate. It has since been added to the Anti-Defamation League’s online database of similar symbols and gestures.

USA Today Reports:

The Zingers say they did not initially notice what happened with the actor. But while going through vacation photos in mid-August, they noticed the controversial symbol.

The couple began digging deeper into their smartphone photos and videos to find more evidence of what they were seeing. Finally, they landed on a video taken at the same time of the picture that confirmed their worst fears.

In the 29-second clip, Zinger’s daughter is being directed to stand by the Gru character. As she excitedly walks toward him, he gestures for her to stand to his side. The Gru character first places his hand behind her shoulder. Then, the character moves his right hand on top of her shoulder and curls his thumb and index finger into a clearly visible “OK” symbol.The gesture has become a symbol of concern because it has been used by white supremacists and other far-right extremists.

The ‘OK’ Hand Symbol–which has now been conflated with ‘white supremacy’–first had its meaning warped as an elaborate troll conceived on internet message boards such as 4chan.

Like many trolls birthed online, some are experiments to see how far the media or an organization will go with the troll.

As the media desperately looked to save their narrative of a haunting specter of ‘white supremacy’ looming over America, spearheaded by the Trump Administration; the OK Hand Symbol troll was identified as another windmill to tilt at.

However, alarmingly, the numerous witch hunts over the OK Hand Symbol has led to real life consequences–such as the firing of the aforementioned Universal employee.

Another thing the hand symbol has revealed is the awesome power wielded by the media and groups such as the ADL.

Without conducting a full investigation into the symbol, a seemingly unimportant gesture has been converted into a loathsome boogeyman.

Moreover, memes on social media display progressive figureheads inadvertently making the gesture–should they be subject to similar pitchfork and torch mob action?

Of course not; the progressive clergy is exempt from reprimand from their adherents–so long as they remain true to the creed of progress.

The media ran damage control after several images of Justin Trudeau wearing blackface surfaced during his re-election campaign.

Does it matter whether somebody such as Trudeau commits progressive cardinal sins?

No, of course not.

These rules only apply to rabble-rousing plebs who dared support populist causes.

The media and certain groups are merely flexing their pecs whenever a social media mob is summoned over the latest old picture containing an OK Hand Symbol thrown as a joke.

Potentially ruining somebody’s life over a joke–or even a misunderstanding–exposes the sheer psychopathy and power-hungriness of those who shape the narrative.