University Considering Legal Action Against Graduate for Claims of “Leftist Indoctrination”


Sheffield Hallam University is considering taking legal action against a graduate who claimed lecturers “indoctrinate” students into far-left ideology.

An anonymous politics graduate set up the “Sheffield Hallam Exposed” website earlier this year, where he named and shamed 10 staff of the university, some of whom have left, and some of whom are still working, and accused them of peddling “leftist propaganda.” This has prompted Sheffield Hallam to threaten legal action in response.

The website laid out a number of claims against the professors and the university as a whole. Professors apparently “promoted” socialism and communism to their students, with the principal lecturer for the politics course at the university having a picture of Karl Marx in his office, and kept two bottles of champagne “for the day Margaret Thatcher died.”

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Another lecturer was accused of “openly [admitting] that she felt her job as a lecturer was to try and persuade students to come round to her point of view rather than teach impartially,” with others apparently encouraging students to vote Labour in the elections, mocking anyone who used the term “politically correct,” and describing Brexiteers as “people who fail this course.”

The anonymous graduate attacked the university for “promoting left-wing propaganda at the public expense”:

Virtually all the lecturers are on the hard-left of the political spectrum and use the course to impose their own views on students at the expense of teaching quality subject matter, or addressing alternative points of view. The quality of teaching is poor and vague, and focuses on subjects that are of importance to the hard-left. I eventually graduated with a degree that was of zero utility either academically or otherwise. I would also like to advise people not to repeat the mistake of studying here.

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A spokesman for Sheffield Hallam University told The Tab that they were aware of the blog and that it “includes potentially defamatory information,” and that “as a result, the University is considering taking legal action.”

It seems the threat of legal action has worked. The website is now locked, and the anonymous graduate of the university shut down the @shuexposed Twitter account on Thursday evening, with all its tweets deleted but one, explaining the decision:

After 6 months or so of running this project I’ve decided to call it a day. I’ve said what I wanted to say and got the message out. But in honesty I don’t really have much new content to add. SHUexposed was a true and accurate account of my experiences at Sheffield Hallam University, and while the University may or may not be bluffing about suing for defamation, truth be told I don’t ideally have the time or the energy to fight such a trial. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this project, and sorry if this comes as a disappointment to anyone, but I no longer have the energy for this.

Earlier this month,  the Student’s Union of Sheffield Hallam’s neighbouring institution, the University of Sheffield, came under fire after white students were banned from a meeting to discuss “how to create an anti-racist SU.” In a separate incident, the University of Sheffield announced that students in all courses will soon be forced to learn about climate change.