University Mocked For Telling Students To Wear A Mask During Sex, Practice ‘Solo Sex’


The University of Georgia published Coronavirus-era sex advice for students on its University Health Center website, but had to pull the guidance down in response to widespread mockery. The university advised students to wear a mask during sexual activity and to practice “solo sex” (i.e. sex with oneself) in order to contain the spread of the Chinese-born virus. (RELATED: Fauci Pushes Coronavirus Goggles). (Birx Pushes Mask Use In Your Own Home)

“The information was consistent with language that appears on multiple health and medical sites across the country, including the Mayo Clinic. However, when the information was mocked, ridiculed and criticized on social media, we decided to take it down,” said Greg Trevor, a spokesman for the University of Georgia. But the Internet is forever. Enjoy these tips!