US: Proportion of White Christian Cut by 50% in Forty Years


One of the main concerns of many Americans has been the rapidly changing demographic make up of the country.

Some people praise while others condemn the unprecedented transformation America has taken upon herself.

Many pundits cite the shrinking White American population as being one of the leading factors in Trump’s election win in 2016.

According to PPRI, self-described ‘White Christians’ made up 81% of the population in 1976, but only 43% in 2016.

They wrote, “White Christians are a declining proportion of the U.S. population: 81% in 1976”, adding “43% in 2016”.

Illegal immigration, in particular, has been a contentious hot topic for several years.

Crime and excessive welfare participation have both been called into question.

One America News Network Political Correspondent Ryan James Girdusky wrote, “In 1998, non-citizens made up 36.9 percent of federal arrests”, adding “In 2018, non-citizens made up 63.9 percent of federal arrests.”

In a second tweet, he added specifics about non-citizens from Mexico and Central America as a whole.

“In 1998, non-citizens from Mexico made up 27.9% of arrests”, he added, “In 2018 non-citizens from Mexico made up 39.9% of arrests.”

On Central America, Girdusky notes “In 1998, non-citizens from Central America made up 1.2% of arrests,” and, “In 2018, non-citizens from Central America made up 20.4% of arrests.”

Illegal immigration aside, legal immigration–especially chain migration–has contributed enormously to America’s growing population.

It remains to be seen whether sealing the United States-Mexican border through the construction of a border wall, 60 miles of which was just unveiled by Border Patrol via newly released drone footage, will be enough to stop the demographic changes in the country.