Utah’s Pro-Trans GOP Governor Gave Students his ‘Preferred Pronouns’


A recently resurfaced video shows Utah’s pro-trans and anti-Trump GOP Governor, Spencer Cox, giving his “preferred pronouns” to school kids while speaking to them on the topics of “equity and inclusion.” Governor Cox has a history of groveling to the LGBT left and recently vetoed legislation passed by the Utah state legislature that would have banned male athletes claiming to be trans women from competing in women’s sports.

The Utah governor gave school kids his “preferred pronouns” during a video town hall for students last year and the footage has resurfaced amidst an increase in scrutiny on the GOP establishment politician. In recent weeks, Cox vetoed legislation passed by the Utah legislature and overwhelmingly supported by everyday citizens that would have banned biological males claiming to be trans women from competing in women’s sports. Using a large Republican majority to their advantage, legislators then overrode Cox’s veto of the trans sports bill but, thanks to Cox’s interference, the legislation is expected to be tied up in court for years.

“My preferred pronouns are he, him, and his,” Cox said to the school kids as he took part in the 2021 town hall, in which he also talked to kids about expanding sex education in public schools, saying we “need more of that.”  Cox even encouraged one middle school student to lobby her school board about including materials regarding contraceptives and abortion in sex education lessons.

Cox has a long history of groveling to the LGBT left. In 2016, he apologized for not offering them enough political support during a Salt Lake City vigil honoring the victims of the Islamic terror attack on Orlando, Florida’s Pulse nightclub, a venue frequented by gay men. Like the left, which seized control of the narrative surrounding the attack and used it to call for gun control and social conditioning, Cox was accused of scapegoating conservative Americans, not Islamic terrorists, for the tragedy.

Like anti-Trump Utah Senator and failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Spencer Cox also has a long history of standing against 45th President Trump and his own party’s grassroots voters. A major opponent of election integrity, Cox supported Democrat impeachment proceedings and even echoed Democrats in calling on President Trump to resign shortly before the end of his first term.

Watch Cox’s full town hall on equity and inclusion below:

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