Vegan Activists Hold Funeral for Turkeys in Supermarket


An animal rights group held a funeral for turkeys at a supermarket in Brighton.

As the Christmas season draws near, thousands of turkeys are slaughtered to fill the bellies of countless families around the world.

As a result, animal rights group, Direct Action Everywhere (DXE), wore all-black-clad attire and held a minute’s silence for the turkeys slaughtered every year, only to be unceremoniously stuffed and cooked for the Season to be Jolly.

According to Talk Radio, the activists were holding images of a turkey slaughterhouse in the meat aisle of a Sainsbury’s branch in Brighton.

Another placard said that 10 million turkeys are slaughtered in the UK for Christmas.

A DXE spokesman stated: “We use the method of disruption to draw immediate attention to the beings who were killed for their bodies to be on a shelf.

“We are targeting the system of speciesism and aiming for systematic change rather than targeting individuals.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson reported no major disruption from the activists’ turkey funeral.

According to DXE‘s website:

Some of the most important actions in animal rights history have been rescues or other mass actions (e.g. occupations) on the frontlines of animal abuse. Our open rescues have been seen by millions, and garnered media attention in the largest publications in the world. DxE activists are now going to court for rescues at some of the largest factory farms in the world.

Earlier this year, in a more forceful rescue mission, vegan activists who attempted to rescue rabbits from a farm in Spain accidentally had around 100 rabbits to be put down due to their actions.