Vegans Storm Spanish Rabbit Farm, Surprised When Farmers Fight Back


Vegan activists stormed a Spanish rabbit farm this weekend, and were surprised when the farmers fought back when they attempted to steal their property.

A video posted to Twitter shows a British vegan activist with her face covered in blood, who goes on to detail why they are in such a state.

On the description of the original Instagram post, Mythical.Mia details what happened when they attempted to “rescue” 16 rabbits from the farm:

The farmer was extremely aggressive and attacked us, strangling activists and smashing their heads with metal poles. The police came and told us to leave peacefully, which we did. After we left the farmers chased us down the motorway at 200km for an hour. We tried to lose them down a side road but they were on our tails. They blocked us into a dead end and surround the car with 5 other farmers’ cars. They were banging on the windows, shouting and threatening us. We called the police who arrived after an hour. They diffused the situation and escorted us to a ‘safe place’. We asked them to escort us home but they refused and said we would be okay. They let us go and 10 minutes later back on the motorway one of their call pulled up alongside us and shot at us. The window exploded in my face and there was a lot of blood from all the glass. We’re currently at the hospital and waiting to go to the police station to report this crime.

National File has reported this week on the shenanigans of another group of vegan activists, who segregated hens from roosters so that the hens “wouldn’t be raped”:

Almas Veganas, a vegan group from Girona, Spain, are an anti-speciesist and transfeminist group who were recently seen in a viral video separating hens from cockerels and smashing eggs because they didn’t ‘want the hens to be raped.’

The group from the north-east of Spain, in Catalonia, surprised social media users with their actions but expressed a desire to prevent the hens from being subjected to rape from the cockerels.

The group also smashed the eggs, claiming that they ‘belonged to the hens.’

They suggested that the hens had been genetically modified to produce an unnatural number of eggs for human consumption.

A group of vegans in Argentina were also whipped and humiliated by cowboys, after they attempted to disrupt a rodeo event. A vegan woman in Australia also made headlines after she sued her neighbours for barbecuing.