Verified Twitter Users Openly Call for Violent Uprising in Response to Roe Decision


Last Updated on June 25, 2022

Far-left extremists have called for violence on a number of social media platforms in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe V. Wade.

Carlos Maza — a former Vox employee and verified Twitter user — received over 150,000 likes on a tweet that specifically called for violence. “Violence is a legitimate and appropriate response to oppression,” Maza wrote in a quote tweet over President Biden’s speech, where he asked protests to remain peaceful.

“The suffragettes planted bombs. Queer people threw bricks. Violence has always been an important and necessary part of social justice,” Maza added in a follow-up tweet.

The tweet has garnered 158,000 likes as of Saturday afternoon.

Maza — who has 158,000 Twitter followers — also retweeted Brett Kavanaugh’s address and a meme depicting a Molotov cocktail being thrown at the Supreme Court building.

“Fascists literally do not care how hard you vote. They are not trying to win elections. Violence is the only language they understand, and it’s time we start speaking it,” Maza wrote in another tweet.

Carlos Maza was not the only one with a specifically violent tweet on Friday. Andrew Tarantola, a verified Twitter user and report for Engadget, called for the Supreme Court building to be burned down. A number of others posted similar calls to violence.

The “ShitPoliticsSays” subreddit — which documents leftist insanity on Reddit — compiled just a short list of violent threats from Redditors. Dozens of posts called for the Supreme Court to be “burned down” in a matter of minutes.

One Redditor called for leftists to mobilize and attack “radical Christians” found in “the rural areas.”

“Forget burning cities, cities are on our side. It’s time for rural areas to feel the heat,” the Reddit user said. “You show up 100 deep in every rural town in a 50 mile radius intent on revolution, you’ll crash their system and make them pay.”

“They say ‘BLM burned cities to the ground,’ I say let them see firsthand what it’s like when a community is truly burned to the ground. They want a civil war? They should be careful what they asked and voted for,” the deranged Redditor went on to say.

In Arizona, riot police were forced to evacuate the Capitol after far-left protesters swarmed the building. Protests are expected to continue throughout the weekend.

Big tech companies have yet to take action against the increasingly radical rhetoric coming from the left. The same companies of course banned Trump, who was still in office, over “glorifying violence.”

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