VICTORY: After Sham Impeachment, Pelosi Finally Allows USMCA Vote


Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) Speaker of the House, had a second press conference on Tuesday to announce, that after a year of ignoring the North American Trade Agreement (USMCA) Trade deal, she would finally allow a vote on the floor of Congress, to bring it to passage.

After announcing very weak articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump, Pelosi’s announcement on USMCA is a massive victory for Trump, especially after numerous failed hoaxes by the Democrats to displace Trump and make him ineffective on his historic trade deals.

Bill Hemmer, a host of FOX News, said after the announcement, that it was strange to see Pelosi taking a victory lap with the USMCA, and not give any credit at all to Trump.

With Impeachment actually giving Trump a higher approval rating in the polls, the move to change the subject from Impeachment to USMCA, displayed to numerous commentators how desperate the Democrats are to show that they can get something done.

Trump tweeted Tuesday:

After a year of collecting dust and the potential estimated loss to Americans of near 59 Billion dollars, Pelosi is teasing that she will allow a vote soon, which is expected to pass with wide bipartisan support.

After passage, it is projected that USMCA will add at least 59 Billion dollars to the US Treasury.

Republicans have been eager to pass the bill for a year.

Even the far left spokespeople recognized the political impact of finally bringing USMCA out from under the dust on Tuesday. A tweet by Amy Siskind, a far-left, radical activist, said the move was a display that it shows Democrats “can do their job and govern.”

Debbie Dingle (D-MI) admitted on Fox News, Tuesday that Pelosi was making a political move. Impeachment, she said is not favorable to her and that she is happy about USMCA, saying, “Republicans and Democrats can work together, to show the people they care and to do something good after the disaster Impeachment that is dividing the country.  The daily drama of diving us is not good for the country” Dingle said.