VIDEO: 83-Year-Old Civil Rights Activist Says Critical Race Theory Is ‘Lethal’ To Society


A celebrated conservative black activist is decrying Critical Race Theory as “lethal” to society because it defines people by skin color, ignoring a person’s character. He equates the faux philosophy to “stereotyping,” a process that sets the stage for profiling.

Bob Woodson, 83, founder of the Woodson Center, whose mission statement is to combat social ills like poverty, homelessness and drug addiction, is also the founder of the1776 Unites group, meant to counter the unfounded arguments by The New York Times’ 1619 Project that supposes America’s true founding came with the first slave ships to the British Colonies.

In discussing Critical Race Theory in an interview, Woodson explained that race activists insist American society is riddled with institutional racism that is rooted in “white privilege” and “white supremacy,” perceived societal maladies that marginalize people of color, whether consciously or not.

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“[I]t’s the new racism, and it’s more lethal than the old racism,” Woodson said in an interview Wednesday. “In other words, there used to be an exotic discussion among academics on campuses. Now that has leaked into the mainstream society, and it’s being now the defining issue, that we should look at each other not by the content of our character, but the color [of our] skin or our gender.”

Woodson explained that in days past, such an idea condemned as “stereotyping” and profiling. “But now it’s called ‘Critical Race Theory.’ It’s the same thing as stereotyping. It’s the assumption that…if you are Black that you are defined by your race not the content of the character.”

Woodson warns that a consistent viewing of our society through the lens of race “is having a devastating effect on low-income people of all races.”

Condemning activist academics who permitted the manipulated concepts of Critical Race Theory to metastasize via on-campus debates that now ban dissenters to the theory’s central tenets, Woodson takes no enemies.

“I really think they’re moral cowards,” Woodson said. “They’re more concerned about their innocence and proving to America that they are innocent of being racist, and therefore they’re willing to sacrifice their principles in order to demonstrate to people that they’re not racist.”

Woodson said that the manipulation of news events have “spawned a real racial racketeering” in which “race grievance consultants are getting millions of dollars to come into corporations, to schools and do racial audits.”

“[I]t’s just having a devastating effect on free speech,” Woodson continued. “It is worse than it was in segregation, because at least segregation, and racism, was external. Critical Race Theory is really undermining the standards upon which Blacks were able to achieve, particularly as a result of the assault on the bourgeois values of family, faith and work.”

President Trump, earlier this year, issued an order to exclude any training centered on Critical Race Theory from any curriculum utilized in any federal agency, bureau, or department. The President cited the theory’s intrinsic penchant to create division.

“It’s a throwback, we’re almost retreating back to the pre-Civil Rights period, where we were compartmentalized, we were segregated,” Woodson said. “Segregation is wrong, regardless of who’s sponsoring it.”