VIDEO: Activists Twerk in D.C. Streets, Blocking Traffic, To Protest Climate Change


Video captured young climate change activists dancing and twerking in the streets in front of the U.S. Capitol, stopping traffic and creating a bottleneck that could last hours.

Sam Sweeney, of Washington D.C.’s ABC 7 News, wrote on Twitter that “Climate activists turning up the heat in front of the US Capitol.”

He added, “Roads remained closed, gridlock could last for hours.”

Climate activists are in Washington, D.C. for a nationwide protest against climate change that saw some public schools allow students to leave class and attend the demonstrations without repercussions.

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Several videos were posted to social media, showing the activists dancing to music, twerking, and seeming to celebrate the occasion with massive amounts of confetti.

At one point, as a man twerked toward the camera, another climate change activist threw a large amount of confetti over his head, leaving a pile of the celebratory plastic on the street.

Some news commentators questioned the use of confetti during the twerk-filled protest, citing that it takes years to biodegrade and would seem antithetical to the protest’s stated intention of raising awareness to climate change.

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Ryan Jensen, the Political Director for the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Republicans, wrote on Twitter “Confetti takes YEARS to decompose.”

“Your [sic] fighting for #ClimateChange, yet you throw confetti all over this gay man.” He concluded, “Your [sic] not real activists, your [sic] frauds.”

In a separate video, posted to Jensen’s Twitter account, he sarcastically wrote “This is REAL climate activism.”

“Instead of cleaning up trash, we dance in the street!”

It is unknown how many climate change activists are blocking the D.C. streets, but they would appear to number in the low hundreds.