Video: African Migrant Brutally Attacks Italian in Broad Daylight Amidst Illegal Migration Surge


Last Updated on August 6, 2022

Hard to watch video recorded in Milan, Italy shows an African migrant brutally attacking a young Italian man in the middle of a public square in broad daylight. The seemingly unprovoked attack comes as illegal African migrants surge in Italy and other regions of Southern Europe and as left-wing politicians continue to use the power of the state to force “diversity” onto the people of the Western World.

Video footage recorded in a Milan, Italy public square shows a purported African migrant drop kicking a young Italian man. After the victim falls to the ground in the video, his head is repeatedly stomped and several kicks are delivered to his body.

As is often seen, as such unprovoked attacks become commonplace throughout the West, several onlookers stood by doing nothing and, apparently, filming the brutal assault. An elderly woman was the only onlooker to intervene, begging the migrant attacker to stop.

The brutal assault in Milan comes as thousands of illegal African and Middle Eastern migrants pound the shores of the Southern European nation. Left-wing NGO’s and other globalist organizations have been widely accused of, and in some cases proven to be, aiding the migrants in their nautical trek across the Mediterranean Sea.

In other cases, African migrants themselves are running the human smuggling operations, returning to the sea after arriving in Italy to ferry in more illegals.

See the footage below:

As the shores and land borders of Europe continue to be pounded by illegal migrants, corporate media continues to bury news of the trail of blood they’ve left across the West.

Though human smugglers ferrying people into Europe are often painted as humanitarian heroes by the left, their industry is rife with death and destruction. Last year alone, more than 3,000 migrants reportedly died or went missing at sea during human trafficking runs. Among them were children.

Much like at America’s besieged southern border, Europe’s engineered migrant crisis has been flagged as contributing to the massive global child sex trafficking industry. Watch dogs says that children coming from the third world with little to no documentation to track and identify them by are among the top targets of brutal child traffickers.

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