VIDEO: African Migrants Clash With Mexican Military Police, Demand Illegal Entry to USA


A recent trend has emerged for African Migrants to enter the US illegally via the US-Mexico Border.

Some migrants travel from places such as Congo and Angola to South America in order to take a long voyage through several Latin American countries in order to reach the coveted American Dream.

Over 100 African Migrants were caught attempting to enter the US illegally by crossing the Rio Grande, earlier this year.

Many questions have been raised as to how these migrants can afford to travel to America on a relatively costly, lengthy, and tiring journey with ostensibly little assistance.

Migrants arriving at the border have been relocated in unusual locations such as Maine, Idaho, and Minnesota.

Maine has seen a huge spike in African migrants arriving at their doorstep.

It hasn’t exactly run smoothly.

Earlier this year, African Migrants–some of whom were heavily pregnant–complained about the conditions at the Mexican migrant centers.

Clashes have erupted between Mexican military police and African Migrants who wish to breach the US-Mexico border.

Natives of continents across the Atlantic are increasingly using Mexico and Central America as an entry point to illegally migrate to the United States.

National File recently reported that a group of over 60 South Asian migrants became lost in Mexico in the process of illegally coming to the country:

Revealing just how porous and insecure the United States-Mexico border remains, 65 immigrants from South Asia believed they could travel around the world and walk through Central America to illegally enter the United States.

According to DW, the migrants are from “Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka”, and were severely dehydrated when they were apprehended by Mexican police in the state of Veracruz.

DW also reported that the South Asian migrants are set to be deported to their country of origin by the government of Mexico.

The US-Mexico border has been a subject under much scrutiny due its porous nature and volume of migrants who disregard US law when entering the country.

Migrant crime and demographic questions continue to dominate much of the political arena.