VIDEO: African Migrants Set Fire in Paris, Attack Firefighters Trying to Reach Blaze


A shocking video circulating social media reveals African migrants attack and prevent firefighters from reaching to extinguish a blaze reportedly believed to have been started at a DR Congo concert protest.

The fire took place at Gare de Lyon, in Paris, where protesters set fire to scooters, bins, and bikes, before they blocked firefighters from the scene.

According to The BBC, protesters had accused singer Fally Ipupa of figuratively being in bed with the Congolese government.

In one of several tweets showing the footage, the tweeter wrote, “Congolese migrants started the [Gare de] Lyon fire. Now fighting French firemen who try to put it out.”

Prior to the event, protests outside the concert had been banned, with police referring to a “tense political context.”

In spite of this, Police warned of rhetoric circulating social media calling for a protest, to clash with concertgoers.

The French Police Prefecture account wrote, “Scandalous behavior from protesters who impeded the firefighters from accessing the fire.”

The BBC had also reported that Congolese media found that migrants in surrounding countries, as far as Austria, flocked to Paris to disrupt the event.

Many Congolese migrants living in Europe have promised to disrupt Fally Ipupa concerts due to his alleged involvement with the current Congolese political elite, who have been blamed for the country’s current turmoil.

Police have said that 30 protesters have been arrested and 54 have been slapped with fines for participating in an illegal protest.

France, in the past year, has been rocked by often violent yellow vest protests which have gone largely underreported since they peaked in violence around a year ago.