VIDEO: Alex Jones Dons P*ssy Hat, Befriends Women’s March Protesters Chanting ‘Down With Trump’


Radio and TV host Alex Jones traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the Women’s March, Lobby Day in nearby Richmond, Virginia, and to cover the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, and found a way to blend in with protestors.

Donning a pink “pussy hat” and a signature t-shirt, Jones began chanting “Down With Trump,” accompanied by his bullhorn, fist raised to the air, as he walked down the street.

Seeing a group of women protesting the president nearby, Jones approached them, still filming, and began encouraging them to join him in chanting “Down With Trump!”

The group of at least four women happily obliged, and began chanting “Down With Trump” with Jones, even with his security standing only inches away.

“Let’s go,” said Jones, jumping with the chant, “See how easy it is?”

“Down with Trump!”

Infowars producer Rob Dew posted the video to Twitter.

“Alex Jones dons pink pussy hat,” wrote Dew. “Dances with Women’s Marchers.”

“Video of the day.”

Much of the Infowars staff is in the D.C. area for the next week.

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer was arrested last year after he interrupted the House impeachment hearings.

National File reported:

As Nadler began speaking this morning, Shroyer began a live stream on Twitter and began disrupting the hearing.

“Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country, and you can kick me out, but he’s the one committing crimes,” shouted Shroyer. “You are, Jerry Nadler!”

“You’re the one committing treason, America’s done with this,” Shroyer continued. “America’s sick of the treason committed by the Democrat party.”

Shroyer continued to shout for nearly a minute before security arrived to remove him from the scene.

Shroyer was later accused of being a cowboy hat wearing white supremacist from Texas by Vanity Fair, and spoke to National File about the absurd claims:

Speaking to National File, Shroyer addressed multiple inaccuracies contained in the Vanity Fair article:

“I’m really not sure there’s an ounce of accuracy in that hit piece. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, I’ve maybe worn a cowboy hat on air four or five times out of thousands of videos, and as far as wearing a V-neck, if Vanity Fair can produce a video or photo of me wearing a V-neck, I’ll sign it and send it to your grandmother.

I wear a suit and tie five days out of the week on camera for three hours a day, so the lack of investigative reporting here from Vanity Fair is pretty incredible.

I’ve literally never met or spoken to Richard Spencer in my life, nor can I say I’ve ever taken any of his advice, because I’ve never even heard any of it.”

National File will continue to cover the events happening in Washington, D.C. and Virginia into next week.