VIDEO: Alex Jones Returns to ‘Drinkin’ Bros Podcast,’ Pretends to be From Planet Glorbslop to Avoid Ban


After his last appearance on the Drinkin’ Bros Podcast was censored by YouTube, Jones appeared in character as both Fentanyl the Chicomm Dragon and as the ambassador to earth from Planet Glorbslop, calling for his own censorship.

“I am actually the ambassador from Planet Glorbslop,” said Jones in a cartoonish voice. “I add, we love Google. Google is good.”

“And by the way, Jeffrey Epstein did kill himself, and Hillary Clinton loves you.”

The hosts then explained that the last time Jones appeared on the program, the broadcast was censored during the live stream.

“So what he’s talking about, is last time we had Alex Jones on the show, YouTube stopped our live stream,” said host Ross Patterson.

Jones continued joking, “On my planet this is pornography, to show something so beautiful is illegal. What if the younglings see it?”

“Last time when we were on we were trying to determine if it was AI from YouTube that actually recognized Alex Jones’s voice and then shut the video down,” said Patterson. “But he is back, ladies and gentlemen, top stories from all of the 2010s.”

Patterson added, “Who better than to have you on, because let’s face it, most people got their news from you this decade. One of the biggest stories to break was Epstein, and you were the one that actually broke the Epstein story before you were pulled off every platform.”

Switching to his normal voice, Jones said, “I was following him because, I actually am the ambassador from Glorbslop and we actually find him very attractive on our planet.”

“And that’s probably where he is now,” added Patterson.

“Absolutely, he didn’t die,” Jones said. “Everybody knows he didn’t kill himself,” he added, showing the camera his Christmas Lights Are A Lot Like Jeffrey Epstein sweater.

When asked if Infowars is creating the viral shirts, Jones explained the financial situation of Infowars after years of sustained censorship and bans from big tech.

“I didn’t used to care about money because literally we could make as much money as we wanted,” said Jones. “Now they’ve tried to shut me down, it’s hard to keep the operation going, so I have become – if I’d have pitched stuff like this 10 years ago, boy we’d have a 20 story building right now instead of this little facility – but, yes, I’m trying to stay on air selling products at”

Jones went on to recap the biggest stories of the 2010s in the end-of-the-decade episode of the Drinkin’ Bros podcast, and perhaps owing its existence to a Christmas miracle, the episode was not censored by YouTube.