VIDEO: Alex Jones Reveals Liberal Tech Censorship Was Key Factor In Joe Rogan’s Move To Spotify


Radio and television host Alex Jones broke down the reasoning for podcaster Joe Rogan’s move from YouTube to Spotify this week, on the Thursday edition of the Alex Jones show.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is the most-watched and listened-to English-language podcast in the world, factoring in views on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook videos and streams from audio services.

Jones, who has had a close relationship with Rogan for over twenty years, explained the reason for Rogan’s departure from YouTube and talked about a phone call he had with the star podcaster regarding the platform switch.

“And so the corporate system tried to court him,” Jones said of Rogan, describing him as a modern day Johnny Carson. “And the big CEOs tried to get him on board with the New World Order, and he went and had meetings with some of the big guys.”

“But once he found out they were bad news, and I was going after him saying, ‘you could change this, you could be the big domino that fights the censorship, how dare you, I know you know the truth,’ Joe went, ‘actually you’re right Alex, I went down this road a little bit, these people are bad news, but I’m gonna try to turn them around, I’m gonna talk sense into them,’ and that was a year and a half ago,” Jones said.

Jones reported that Rogan told him YouTube had been “blocking, delisting, and demonetizing” content that Google was politically opposed to, and that the tech giant was pressuring Rogan to steer clear of free expression and political wrongthink such saying there are only two genders. Jones relayed that Rogan’s new contract with Spotify will allow the podcaster to talk about “whatever he wants, whenever he wants.”

“And [Rogan] said, ‘it’s so un-American Alex,’ I can’t get into all of of it, but he said you can tell people this, these bureaucrats and these techies, and this cult call you up, and tell you what you ought to do and what you ought to say, and quietly threaten you, when it’s YouTube and you brought them all this money. And all these other creators are being abused, and being squeezed by these bully nerds, who have formed this cult of cowardice. It has to come to an end,” Jones stated.

The InfoWars founder also revealed that he will be appearing more frequently on the Spotify iteration of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and teased that Rogan could be moving to Austin, Texas.

The full Thursday edition of the Alex Jones show can be watched below.