VIDEO: Alex Jones Warns Trump to Stop Mandatory Vaccinations, Tech Censorship or Risk Embracing Globalism


This week, radio and television host Alex Jones released a video message addressed to President Donald Trump, in which Jones warned Trump to steer clear of forced innoculation and inaction on tech censorship.

The video, titled “Emergency Message To The President On Forced Vaccinations,” addresses several growing concerns that Trump’s voter base has become increasingly anxious about in recent weeks.

“President Trump, you have done two things recently that have put you in the category of a globalist and an enemy of America,” Jones says in the video.

“Leadership is about doing the right thing even when it’s unpopular because you know it’s the right thing and you believe in the cause, and you can get other to wake up and realize how they’ve been conned or manipulated,” Jones states, rebuking Trump for his plan to use the military for a domestic mass vaccination program.

Jones goes on to state, “President Trump, you are crossing the Rubicon right now, you are already halfway across that river, and you need to turn back now. You are betraying common sense, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and your most ardent, staunch backers and supporters.”

The Trump administration’s complete lack of enthusiasm for combating tech censorship, and its inability to confront tech giants over politically charged speech restrictionism is also addressed in the video.

“President Trump, the other big issue that you have failed on is allowing Big Tech cartels, who have been caught by us and Project Veritas and many others working and meeting together to coordinate the surveillance of their users, to then ban and restrict people for their politically protected speech,” Jones says.

Jones went on to call out Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, telling Trump, “I know you’ve been convinced by your campaign head that, ‘Oh, you don’t need the grass roots of the American people.’ Do you understand how humiliating that is when millions of people get banned or blocked or censored, that you don’t stand up for them? People out there defending you and promoting the Make America Great Again agenda, in many cases under great persecution, take it as a horrible slap in the face that you won’t come to their aid, of the First Amendment.”

The full video can be watched below: