VIDEO: Americans React to Faux Hillary Clinton Announcing New Presidential Run


Infowars’s Millie Weaver hit the streets as a faux Hillary Clinton, to see how Americans would react to the failed candidate attempting another Presidential run.

Weaver was scarily convincing as a faux Hillary Clinton, coughing, barking and falling over just as the real one did. “Obviously I can beat him,” she cackled.

“Obviously Americans want ME to be their President. I won the popular vote after all, and those Russian bots stole from me! President Trump doesn’t stand a chance.”

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Weaver’s faux Hillary Clinton got many resounding negative responses when Americans were asked if they would vote for her if she ran again.

“I’m not opposed to [a woman President], it just depends on the platform… but I don’t think it’s something that should be based on gender” one man said while questioned.

“Hillary” responded by labeling him as a clear example of a misogynist.

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The faux Hillary Clinton managed to convince some people to vote her, by subtly mentioning the #ClintonBodyCount, and how her opponents mysteriously disappear.

“A lot of my enemies, they just so happen to disappear,” she told two young girls. “I would hate for you guys to not be my friends!”

One of them wised up and rescinded her previous “no” answer. “It’s not because I feel threatened by you right now,” she responded sarcastically.

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You can watch the video in full below:

Weaver has recently been touring the United States, and made headlines when she convinced an anti-Trump protester to cross lines and speak with supporters of President Trump.

The protester was shocked to find kindness from the pro-Trump camp, and was seemingly left disillusioned when he attempted to rejoin the anti-Trump protesters to find they were no longer willing to accept him.