VIDEO: Americans Sign Petition To ARREST Anyone Who Refuses COVID Vaccine


Popular YouTuber and conservative commentator Mark Dice asked beachgoers to sign a fake petition that advocated arresting unvaccinated individuals.

The right-wing conservative pundit and activist took to the streets for San Diego to ask beachgoers to sign a petition to arrest those that refuse to receive the controversial coronavirus vaccine. His goal was to see if Americans believe that the government should violate “the most fundamental human rights of one’s personal liberty” and arrest unvaccinated adults.

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Mark Dice explained to those signing the petition, “Some people are concerned about any possible long term side effects that haven’t shown up in studies yet but the time to worry about that is in the future so for now they can worry about that in jail if they refuse to take the vaccine.”

“Even though this is really the first mRNA vaccine and it’s not fully approved by the FDA we should still make these people take it. We’ll decide for them what’s best.” While some bystanders would disagree with the petition, Dice showed that at least 14 people agreed with the petition.

“The Delta variant is on them,” one woman said, blaming the strain on unvaccinated adults. Another woman agreed with jailing Americans saying, “Well, that’s what I think should happen.”

While many supported the petition, there were a few that spoke out against it. “You want to arrest people for not getting the vaccine? You’re a scumbag, dude,” one man with a surfboard said, before walking off. (READ MORE: Florida Will Give Vouchers To Parents, Let Them Send Kids To Private Schools If They Oppose Public School Mask Mandates)

A group of men said, “I wouldn’t sign that, ever! We’re not socialists!” As Dice was pitching the petition to one man, he asked, “This is a joke, right?” Dice told the man about the petition being fake and showed him how many people wanted to arrest unvaccinated adults. The man replied, “Well, they’re all idiots.”