VIDEO: Amish Lift and Move Entire Barn with BARE HANDS


The Amish are famous for their real-life “revolt against the modern world” lifestyle, but find themselves in the press for their impressive statures–as recently revealed by a group of four massive drunk teenage Amish boys going viral on social media for their whopping physiques.

Despite rejecting many technological advancements, the Amish still have a knack for getting stuff done.

While there are currently around 40 Amish affiliations around the US–famously clustered in rural Pennsylvania–their antiquated way of life often raises eyebrows for those who view pre-industrial conditions as unnecessarily labor-intensive.

One chilly March morning last year, hundreds of members of the Geauga County Amish community used horse-drawn carriages to travel to Joseph Hochstetler’s farm in Knox County, Ohio, in order to move a pole barn, by bare hand, from one end of the farm to another, in winter.

Around 250 men surrounded the barn, and proceeded to lift the enormous structure in one piece and walk the entire thing approximately 200 feet across a snow-dusted field to its new location.

During the process, the men communicated among themselves to pivot and straighten the barn while it was being carried, before safely laying it to rest on its new spot.

The job itself took less than five minutes to complete.

The impressive muscle power and communication to move the barn captured the attention of local press.

The pole barn is a lighter structure than a more traditional wooden barn.

Nevertheless, maneuvering such an unwieldy building without the use of modern technology cannot be sneezed at.