VIDEO: Andy Ngo, Journalist Beaten by Antifa, Terrorized by Masked Men Over Halloween


Andy Ngo uploaded security camera video showing his home being surrounded by six men wearing “print out masks of [his] face.”

The men, wearing printed masks of Ngo’s face, repeatedly rang the door bell, yelled “Trick or Treat,” then pounded on the home’s window while recording video of the family home while making strange gestures toward surveillance cameras.

At one point, the six men left the front door, and went to the security camera that appears to point at Ngo’s drive way, and began waving and pointing at the camera while recording the property on cell phones.

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“These 6 individuals wearing print-out masks of my face approached my family’s home last night,” wrote Ngo. They “pounded on [the] window, recorded footage of [the] property & gestured at cameras.”

There were no candy bags or plastic pumpkins held by the faux Trick-or-Treaters, and Ngo adds that “This follows their doxing of my elderly mom’s small business.”

At this article’s time of publication, Twitter had marked the video of the incident as “sensitive content” and “automatically” hid the video as a result.

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Ngo also uploaded individual images of the masked men to Twitter.

Earlier this year, Ngo was attacked by a group of Antifa protesters while covering events in Portland, Oregon. He was beaten, then had milk shakes that purportedly contained cement thrown at him as he attempted to leave the scene.

Despite the attacks occurring in June of this year, and being well documented by cell phone and professional video, no suspects were identified by police or arrested.

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Ngo is raising funds for legal actions and medical bills and possibly legal action against Portland, and has currently raised over $60,000.