VIDEO: Anti-‘War’ Protesters Claim ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Has No Scandals, Ignore 1/1024 Native DNA Test


National File editor-in-chief interviewed protesters at an anti-war and anti-Trump protest in downtown Wichita, Kansas on Thursday afternoon, and recorded two protesters who claimed that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has faced no scandals in her presidential campaign or political career.

Pappert, live streaming to the Facebook page God Emperor Trump, encountered the two women just after 5 p.m. on Thursday.

“Excuse me ma’am, we’re live streaming on a big Facebook page right now,” said Pappert. “Can you tell me what brings you out tonight?”

“None other than no war in Iran,” said one woman.

Another added, “And no Trump!”

Pappert then remarked on the woman’s sign, which read “The blood of flight 752 is in tRump’s hands,” and asked her to comment on its significance.

“The guy is a loose cannon and we need to get him out of there,” said the woman holding the sign.

The second woman interjected, “Warren,” signalling her support for the 1/1024 Native American senator.

“Warren is on the top, yes.”

Pappert then asked the women what they like about Warren.

“Well, she’s smart, a lot of experience, government issues,” said the first woman.

“And she’s an educator and story teller,” said the second woman.

Pappert then asked about the significance of Warren’s scandals in comparison to President Donald Trump’s.

“What scandals? She had a divorce? What?”

Pappert interjected, “The 1/1024 thing,” referring to Warren’s incorrect claim that she is part Native American because of a story told by her family.

Warren famously contested this claim after President Trump repeatedly accused her of lying about her ancestry. She ultimately took a DNA test, only to discover that she was only 1/1024 Native American.

“Baloney,” said the woman. “That’s Trump propaganda.”

“Well, so she did a DNA test and she was 1/1024,” said Pappert, only to be ignored by the woman.

“Okay, that’s not important? Okay, let’s go across the street,” concluded Pappert.

Another protester explained that the group was organized by the Wichita Peace and Social Justice Center, which describes itself as “a nonpartisan, non-religious not-for-profit organization providing support for those in Kansas seeking peace locally, nationally and internationally.”

Interestingly, the group’s website suggests it offers a weekly “study group” on Palestine.

Live from an Anti Trump protest

Posted by God Emperor Trump on Thursday, January 9, 2020