VIDEO: Antifa Applies Tourniquet to Man Screaming ‘My Leg’ Because of Small Flesh Wound


A video has emerged of antifa applying a tourniquet to a man with a small flesh wound on his leg likely caused by a rubber bullet.

The video shows antifa activists trying their best to deal with what appears to be nothing more than a slight flesh wound, most likely caused by a rubber bullet from riot police, by applying a tourniquet to the leg of the “victim.”

The video starts with a crowd surrounding the poor, downed man with the terrifying, life-threatening wound. “Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe,” shouts one protestor, with another reminding him that “you’re good bro, you’re good!”

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As the tourniquet is applied by a woman, the man screams. Other protestors also do their best to help by applying some form of gauzes to the wound.

Many online found the actions completely incredulous, with one describing it as “quite possible the worst example of first aid I have ever seen.”

“I don’t know what’s worse,” said another. “That lady wanting to use a tourniquet so badly she applies one for a literal scratch, or the dude sobbing and clutching a stranger’s hand like he’s about to get his leg amputated on the pavement.”

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A futher commentor asked if he was “missing something” from the video. “Is there an exit wound or something that is gushing out of sight? Why the hell would you put a tourniquet on that. I’ve bled more removing a hang nail,” he added.

One commentor noticed something a bit more serious – as the wound was “barely bleeding,” and didn’t require a tourniquet, they could “really damage” his limb by applying the tourniquet incorrectly.

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