VIDEO: Antifa, Kurds Clash With ‘Fascist’ Muslim Turkish Nationalists in Austrian Streets


According to several reports, Antifa and Kurds have clashed with ultranationalist Turkish groups in Austrian streets, leading to three arrests.

The pan-Turkish organization known as the “Grey Wolves” are believed to be responsible for the recent disturbances, which arose after demonstrators reportedly flew a Kurdish flag in the streets of Vienna.

A video from Wien TV’s Twitter account shows tensions flaring in the distance as the two sides met. The tweet read, “the demonstration was immediately attacked by Turks, now cracks.”

Brittany Sellner, who lives in Austria, tweeted about the events which reportedly unfolded in the nation’s capital.

She wrote, “There’s currently a battle raging in Vienna between Austrian Antifa and a group of Turkish nationalists called the ‘Grey Wolves’.” She continued, “Yes, that’s right—Antifa are literally fighting with Turkish Muslims. And even crazier, the Antifa are calling the Muslims “Turkish fascists”.”

The author, recalling events, added, “The battle started at an Antifa demonstration in Vienna a few days ago. The Grey Wolves got angry because the Antifa were openly flying a PKK flag (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), so the Grey Wolves attacked the Antifa demo until it dispersed.”

The clashes reportedly entered a third day, yesterday, according to a Reddit Post drawing attention to the situation.

Ahval News reported that the military wing of Turkey’s far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) had attacked Kurdish demonstrations and members of Antifa in the Austrian capital.

Antifa had been protesting alongside Kurdish groups following a recent Turkey-led military strike that killed three women in Syria.

On the recent events, Journalist Jake Hanrahan wrote, “Fascist Grey Wolf supporters have been attacking Kurdish and leftist Turks in Vienna, #Austria for two nights in a row now. They come with knives and I’ve also seen footage of them setting a building alight.”

On the recent conflict, Sellner continued, “The next day, Antifa decided to hold a public protest against the Grey Wolves. However, several hundred Grey Wolves showed up, outnumbering the Antifa, and attacked them until they retreated to their Antifa HQ.”

“The Grey Wolves bombarded the Antifa HQ with glass bottles, fireworks and even tried to set the house on fire. Meanwhile, Antifa—who had previously campaigned to defund the police—started tweeting hysterically for the police to save them.”

Although the two sides reportedly met a few times, no serious injuries have been reported.

Various videos from social media show the two groups clashing as tensions rise.

Many have expressed concerns over the Turkish ultranationalist group’s reaction to a flag and the ensuing violence.