VIDEO: AntiFa Members Conduct Occult Ritual in Boston Streets, Eat Bloody Heart Symbolic of Trump


AntiFa radicals conducted what can only be described as an occult-style ritual on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts this weekend as members of the group burned American flags and ate a bloody heart symbolic of President Trump while countering a protest against left-wing political violence also held in the city.

Video of the bizarre scene posted to Twitter by user Al The Great (@realAlTheGreat), shows a group of sign and bullhorn-wielding AntiFa members gathered in the middle of a Boston city street letting out exaggerated yells and shrieks as a member of the group begins to suck the blood out of a purported heart meant to symbolize that of President Trump.

As an American flag burns beneath the feet of the heart-eating AntiFa member, he falls to his knees and rips the heart in half, reveling as blood explodes onto his face amidst shouts of “I’m on fire!” before another member appeals through a bullhorn, “to the chaos goddess, hear our cries.”

After rolling around on the ground in ecstasy, the heart-eater is joined by fellow AntiFa radicals in chants of “praise to the chaos god” and “F*** Trump” while running laps around a smoldering American flag.

As left-wing political violence has skyrocketed over President Trump’s first term in office, Black Lives Matter and AntiFa-aligned radicals have turned increasingly friendly towards the occult and increasingly hostile towards Christianity.

Over recent months, the groups’ left-wing extremists have attacked a number of churches and Christian idols, including the famed St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. As previously reported by National File, in Troy, New York Black Lives Matter and AntiFa radicals stormed services at the Grace Baptist Church this summer, going as far as to physically attack parishioners and their children.

Back in 2018, a group of “anti-fascist witches” organized in Brooklyn, New York to put a “hex” on then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, though it wasn’t very effective, as Kavanaugh was later confirmed to the nation’s high court.