VIDEO: Australian Journalist Chased Away From Citizen’s House With Water Hose


A video posted to Twitter shows an Australian network journalist being sprayed with a water hose and driven off the property of exasperated citizens.

Sam Cucchiara, of Channel Nine’s “A Current Affair,” posted the footage to Twitter on Monday.

The video shows Cucchiara and his film crew being sprayed by a man with a water hose after apparently annoying the man’s friends or relatives, some of whom who can be seen retreating into the house.

“We’ve asked you to leave, we’ve asked you to leave,” the trigger-man can be seen calmly repeating as he thoroughly douses the journalist.

“He’s too scared to come out and talk to us,” Cucchiara tells the camera man, though ultimately it it is Cucchiara who retreats from the confrontation.

“He’s gone inside, he’s frightened, and hear you are hosing me,” Cucchiara complains after marching up to the fence again.

The man wielding the hose doesn’t say anything and just directs the hose at the reporter’s crotch region, driving him from the premises for the second and final time.

Viewer consensus on Twitter appears to be split, with some suggesting the homeowner should be charged with a hate crime against journalists.

Others believed the hosing was duly merited because the “A Current Affairs” team was badgering the hose-wielder and his family at their own home.

An tweet on Succhiara’s timeline references the Australian students who protested drag queen story hour, labeling them “sickening.”

One of the students in that video, 21-year-old gay man Wilson Gavin, committed suicide following the outpouring of online hate directed at him by left-wing media and political leaders.