VIDEO: Bannon Says Goldman Sachs, Wall Street Are Investor Relations Depart. for CCP


Stephen K. Bannon was interviewed by Frontline about his partnership with President Donald J. Trump while winning the 2016 election and also the rocky transition into the White House fraught with fundamental changes he wanted to see, and which he wished he had pushed harder to make happen.

Bannon told Frontline that the cause of the chaos in the early days of the transition was due to a divide between people who supported the Chinese totalitarian financial system and himself who wanted to change the very same system, which he said America had grown dependent upon, and which the Democrats were using as a platform to run for office in 2020.

Bannon said that the “National and Globalist divide” in the early transition team is what caused him to leave the White House under somewhat mysterious circumstances.

Bannon is the former Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, was CEO of Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign, and former Chief Strategist in the Trump White House for a short period.

“We didn’t win the election to bring to the country together.  We won the election to come after the permanent government class and the elite in the country and hold them accountable for what they have done on the backs of the taxpayers; the little guy, and how they saved themselves.  They [Government elites] have destroyed the pension plan programs and the ability to save in a neo-feudalism system,” Bannon said in the interview, explaining his motivation to dismantle what he refers to as the permanent government class in DC.

Bannon worked in the Trump administration for a period of time before he left, claiming that he would fight for the President from outside of the White House.

In the interview, Bannon talked about what he saw while he was a White House insider, talking to donors about the changes he wanted in the current American financial system, starting with a new populist movement of personal ownership in companies and property.  He was met with opposition from other team members.

“I knew there was something going on [in the White House], there were all kinds of knife fights, during the transition and it really got ugly after about the second week there, not about immigration,” Bannon said.

“The biggest fights were over China and Trade, and the reason is that we had so many Wall Street guys, and so many Goldman Sacs guys there who were basically the IR (Investors Relations) Department with Wall Street for the CCP,” said Bannon, a former employee of Goldman Sachs about the Chinese Communist Party.

“This isn’t about the Chinese people, this is about a radical cadre that runs China.  The ones who run the Communist Party who have have a system that is incompatible with what we have in the West. One side is going to win and one side is going to lose,” Bannon said.

“Look at what [Senator Elizabeth Warren] has done with her tax increases. They are not coming for your income, they are coming for your assets,” he said.

You can watch the full interview below.