VIDEO: Bannon “Trump Has Wind At His Back” With The Communist Chinese Over Tariffs


President Donald J. Trump has until December 15 to decide if he will impose tariffs on Chinese goods while enjoying a new and very strong negotiating hand with America’s historic trade opponents, all while facing down the Democrat’s impeachment efforts.

Stephen K. Bannon, Chairman of Citizens of the American Republic, and host of the War Room Impeachment podcast was on CNBC Thursday to talk about Trump’s growing success negotiating with the Communist Chinese party, to the good of Trump’s America First agenda.

Bannon said, “Dec 15 trade deal will be the last round of tariffs and that is why he has the wind on his back because the tariffs are working.”

“Trump has the Chinese party on the ropes because all of these companies are defaulting on billions of dollars of debt.  Trump has all the cards, they [Chineese] have not held up to their obligations. They were making every effort tat decoupling from Western democracies in technology and Trump understands this and will have a stable hand dealing with these guys,” Bannon said.

“Trade negotiations on Tariffs- Trump will look at facts, we can always take him off- the market and people are starting to understand everyone wants in- he is bringing supply-side back to America and everything he has talked works.  Everything he has promised he has done, “Bannon said.

Bannon, in the CNBC interview, talked about Impeachment and the 2020 Presidental election as well.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Bannon said that the Democrats are weaker than Trump, and the candidates so far could not beat Trump.

Bannon said that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Speaker of the House who has been pushing for the impeachment of Trump, made a mistake to make the commitment that she will bring the USMCA trade deal between America, Canada and Mexico to the floor for a vote after holding the bill back for over a year while she focused on Impeachment.  The loss to the American people is estimated to be approximately 59 billion US dollars.

Bannon spoke about China’s theft of American technology and intellectual property, as being historically frustrating, causing a great loss of money to American workers and companies.

Bannon noted that even liberal Democrats can understand the benefit of supporting Trump on the China Trade policies.

Bannon stood firm on Trump being innocent of the charges of impeachment, demanded by the Democrats.