VIDEO: Bat-Wielding Alex Jones ‘Joins’ Antifa to Attack Cars, Pledges Allegiance to George Soros


On Wednesday, radio and TV host Alex Jones released satirical footage of InfoWars employees and himself “joining” Antifa so they can attack cars driven by Nazis and pledge allegiance to George Soros.

The video opens with a baby bonnet-wearing Jones holding a plastic baseball bat and using a metal cookware lid as a shield, addressing employees gathered before him in a dark room.

“And right now, I’m here to tell you I pledge myself to Antifa and George Soros. Alex Jones has joined Antifa, so there’s no black people here right now, I want you to bow to me or you’re racist,” Jones says while wearing a shirt bearing the slogan “Antifascist All-Star.”

“So, I’m gonna go out there in the street and the road, and the first car we see is a Nazi fascist. If they stop, they’re a well trained Nazi fascist. If they drive through us, the’re a Nazi fascist – regardless, we attack! We jump on the hood of the car, and then we’re heroes, we call the police like our brethren are doing all over the world right now,” Jones thunders while beating the bat against his shield.

The video then cuts to show Jones addressing his gang in a parking lot: “Our brethren have been shooting people in the back of the head and getting called heroes, we’re not gonna do that, but we’re gonna throw ourselves at their vehicles and say they attacked us. Are you ready to be Jussie Smollett? Look, there’s a car right there, it’s Hitler, get him!”

Jones then leads an “assault” on the car while shouting war cries, before throwing himself on the hood and rolling off.

“It’s Hitler, we’ve got Hitler,” Jones says as the driver is dragged out of the car. “Call the police! 9-1-1, a Nazi tried to run us over. Keep him down, he’s Hitler. We’re heroes!”

Jones then ends the video with some instructions for left-wing protesters: “They key is, identify the car, stop the car, and then jump on the car and say you were hit by the terrorist. Our leader is Jussie Smollett, this is how we stage events. This is how we fight Hitler, it’s how we’re heroes!” Jones then flashes a Black Power fist and walks away.

The full video can be watched below: